20 May 2008

31,072 – A Meaningful Number

Every vote should count, unless it is one in the Democrat primaries of Michigan and Florida or is one of dissent from the (crumbling) theory of man-made “global warming” or “climate change” (GWCC). Investor’s Business Daily (among others) reports as the basis of an editorial that “Arthur Robinson of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine released Monday at the Press Club in Washington a petition signed by 31,072 Americans with university degrees in science, including 9,021 with doctorates, who reject the notion that greenhouse gas emissions will cause catastrophic heating of the planet.”

A lot could be said politically about this, but the most important point is that the GWCC crowd of fevered disciples is nothing less than a mob of true believers, no matter what their further motivations the leaders might have (which I have discussed previously). Since Mr. Gore said that the science is “settled”, no amount of dissent will probably be able to crack the protective shell of true GWCC believers.

We can – and should, I think – hope and work toward a next president who has not partaken too deeply of the GWCC Kool-Aid. Alas, it seems that all three senators have bellied up to the trough. But perhaps, just maybe, these senators will lend a serious ear to the 31,072 scientists who have signed the Oregon petition. Surely their voice deserves just as much consideration as that of Mr. Gore and all of his “settled consensus” disciples.

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