09 May 2008

Catching Them Coming and Going

Immigration officials are enforcing border security not only by checking people coming into the country, but also those leaving the country. Random checkpoints set up near the border check any suspicious vehicle for illegals. Illegals who are found are arrested, documented (for legal purposes, not visa purposes), and deported.

This is excellent news. And, of course, “immigration activists” decry the measure.

From the LA Times:
"The policies of the Bush administration are designed to make life so difficult for immigrants in the U.S. illegally that they're forced to leave. . . . Now they're arresting people who they are actually driving out of the country. . . . Unbelievable," said Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, a Washington-based immigration reform group.

[A person who saw illegals being arrested near the border said], "They were almost home. If they're already leaving the country, what's the problem?"
Here’s the problem: these two pro-illegal immigrant views assume that these folks are going back to Mexico – presumably – to stay. That is a poor assumption. It doesn’t account for those going back on holiday, for a family event (be it good or bad), or any number of reasons besides repatriation.

Catching and deporting those who are only returning home for a visit is a positive step toward border control. I hope that efforts are stepped up all along the border as high schools let out and summer vacations begin.

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