03 May 2008

Disapproval of Bush and Congress

Much has been made of President Bush’s disapproval rating during his second term. On Friday, Bush’s disapproval rating was news enough to be the lead story in the early morning hours on CNN.com. According to Real Clear Politics, his disapproval rating has hovered in the 60 percent range for a long, long time. His approval rating has hung right around 30 percent. This is without considering the latest CNN/Opinion Research poll.

Congress, on the other hand, has “outperformed” Mr. Bush in the disapproval race. Congressional disapproval ratings vary more than the presidents. The disapproval percentage tends to be between 60 and the low 70s, but the occasion dip to the mid-70s is not unheard of.

This makes CNN’s lead story about Mr. Bush breaking the 70 percent mark a little suspect. Granted, the CNN article compares Mr. Bush’s disapproval rating to that of other presidents. But according to the RCP poll tracking site (liked above), the Democrat-controlled Congress first made that dip back in June of 2007 – less than a year after taking power. Isn’t that worth consideration?

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