11 May 2008

Gore Tells How "We Can Solve It"

Originally posted on the American Thinker website.
In my effort to soak a penny or two out of Al Gore's "we can save the planet" Global Warming/Climate Change publicity machine, I clicked on a banner ad at a website I frequently visit. My rationale, however flimsy, being that as long as I had the chance, I might steer a tiny portion of Mr. Gore's $300 million campaign to a website I believe in...and which, incidentally, rationally attacks GW/CC dogma on a regular basis. Not exactly the brainiest thing I could do on a Saturday morning, but not a total waste of two minutes.

While on Mr. Gore's website, I decided to click on the menu option "Take Action". To my conservationist side, it seemed reasonable to see just what Mr. Gore would have me - the environmentally concerned citizen - do to stem the tide. Oh, what a disappointment.

Listed from top to bottom, left to right, are the following "action" items (taken verbatim, with minor punctuation changes, from the "wecansolveit" website; my response in italics):

1. Sign the petition to protect polar bears by May 15.
What does this have to do with GW/CC? It is an attempt to use polar bears, as a threatened species, to regulate industry.

2. Sign the petition for a global treaty on climate change.
Because Kyoto worked out so well. Are we supposed to believe that countries will live up to another version thereof? And what of India and China? Will they still be labeled "developing" economies and thus exempt? The US was right not to sign up to Kyoto.

Notice that these first two action items require nothing more than clicking the mouse and typing.

3. Spread the Word - Encourage your friends to join the movement by sharing videos, downloads, and other materials.
Take action by increasing the number of members on Mr. Gore's website? How does this help the environment?

4. Advocate for Change - Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, meet with an elected official, or call a community leader today.
What does Mr. Gore want us to advocate? Carbon caps and trading? Carbon "indulgences"? And again, this requires nothing more than mouse-clicking, typing, or dialing a phone...none of which reduce a person's "carbon footprint".

5. My Community - Get involved in local events and groups that are helping to solve the climate crisis.
This sounds like it is getting closer to actual action, actual conservation. But going one page deeper, and the list of activities smells very familiar: spread the word, host an "event", and be an advocate for change. Nothing to see here...please move on.

6. Minimize Your Own Impact.
And finally, here it is! Some ways that I can use less, ways to conserve.

Conservation must be a dirty word to Mr. Gore's devotees. Number 6 on the list. Perhaps Mr. Gore feels that we can't conserve until we sign petitions, yell about it, convince our friends, write a letter or make a phone call, and then yell about it some more. Welcome to the "big government" approach to conservation.

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