08 May 2008

When the Media Says the Media Didn’t Do Its Job

An opinion piece in USA Today’s online edition asks a pertinent question: what took the media so long to dig into the Obama / Wright story? The simple answer is, I think, the desire of many non-conservative types for “anybody but Bush” – or Clinton for that matter – in the White House.

How long it will be before there’s in-depth analysis of Mr. Obama’s other associations are deeply investigated? Will the “mainstream media” take an interest in Mr. Ayers? Will Mr. Obama’s apparent links to KindHearts be thoroughly investigated? Or are all of these ties, these suspect associations, just “distractions” as the Obama camp would have everyone believe.

That Mr. Obama calls investigating his personal associations “distractions” should give voters pause. As I’ve said before, the company one keeps says a lot about character, beliefs, and tendencies.

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