26 July 2008

Zero Through Five Education – HR 2343 and HR 3289

Last week, I noted that Sen. Obama has what I consider to be a pretty scary 0-5 education plan, a pre-pre-kindergarten plan, if you will. But what candidate Obama has in his presidential playbook, the US House of representatives is already taking action on, according to Ednews. HR 3243, the “Education Begins at Home Act”, and HR 3289, the “Providing Resources Early for Kids Act of 2008” are shocking in their attempt to intrude upon parents’ right to parent.

As Dr. Effrem, the author of the Ednews article, puts it:

“These bills put the government in control as both parent and educator for children from birth to age 5. Both focus on poor families who have the least wherewithal to resist this government intrusion, but they also extend to military families. The home visiting bill calls for developmental screening, which includes mental screening, and the Pre-K Act promotes mental screening of all the children and their families in these programs. And of course, parental consent, choice, and control are never mentioned for any aspect of these bills.”
The question continues to be just how quickly the electorate will tolerate federal government programs intruding on the lives of private citizens. Can children wait until they reach kindergarten before undergoing a battery of (highly subjective) tests which may label them for life? Should parents be encouraged to hand over their children to “pre-pre-K” education programs so that they can go back to work? Are these programs really "for the children" or are they for the economy? Or are they for the bureaucracy? In short, who should be parenting children in the US?

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Jack N said...

Shocked I am; just shocked!