29 August 2008

Ah, the Hypocrisy!

I’m dumbfounded that the following two positions can be taken simultaneously by protestors in Denver this past week. As reported by Fox News, “Though demonstrators joined under the common cause of ending the war, they also spoke out in favor of abortion rights and against torture, imperialism and the election process.”

The protestor’s point of view is that war is bad. I assume that position is taken because during wars people die. Some are intended – those would be among combatants. Others are generally unintended (though never wholly avoidable) – those would be deaths of non-combatants. Yet an abortion almost always ends up in a death, the death of a “non-combatant” if you will, meaning someone who has no choice in the matter. These are wholly avoidable.

So what accounts for this doublethink among the protestors? While I would like to believe that the news has simply congealed all of the protestors into one big lump for simplicity’s sake, and therefore converged all of the protest messages into a nebulous whole, it seems more likely that the small group was just a nebulous whole itself. Canada.com reports that one protestor guessed that the group numbered “no more than 700” early in the week. Seems reasonable to say that the protestors converged their various messages all on their own.

Which suggests a further question: are the thought patterns of the protestors so “stove-piped” that they simply do not realize their own contradictions? Or do they really believe that there are no contradictions in their various messages? Both options are dangerous, in my opinion. Thankfully, 700 is a fairly small number. We’ll see how many of these mixed-up thinkers show at the Republican convention.

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