01 August 2008

CNN's Obama Town Hall Meeting Coverage

Something just happened on CNN that I find very interesting. They were covering a Candidate Obama townhall meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida. The only portion of the telecast that I saw was Sen. Obama fielding a question concerning a perceived lack of advocacy for black concerns by Sen. Obama. The young man asking the question was a bit agitated. Sen. Obama attempted to answer the question, but was challenged by the questioner who began shouting back at Sen. Obama. (There was no way to know what the questioner was shouting. Sen. Barack asked him to stop and just listen to his response.) It seemed to me that the situation was more than a little tense.

At which point, CNN stopped the live telecast and switched to a taped speech by Sen. McCain. Then a commercial break. Then a story on the paparazzi. Nothing like sticking with a story! And CNN didn't end the live coverage because it was the top of the hour or anything. This happened at approximately 2:15 Eastern.

Call me cynical, but it is my opinion that CNN did not want to televise live what might turn out to be a not-so-bright moment for the Savior in Chief.

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