01 August 2008

Pelosi’s Hoax

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (from The Hill.com):

“This call for drilling in areas that are protected is a hoax, it’s an absolute hoax on the part of the Republicans and this administration. It’s a decoy to punt your attention away from the fact that their policies have produced $4-a-gallon gasoline.”
A hoax, according to Dictionary.com, is “something intended to deceive or defraud.” Since Speaker Pelosi brought the term up, it is instructive to think about who is pulling a hoax here.

The obvious hoax is Speaker Pelosi’s brazen attempt to pull the electorate’s attention away from Congress’ own inaction on energy policy. She makes this attempt by asking us to look backward in time at Bush’s energy policy. This is an obvious distraction which does absolutely nothing to address the problem at hand. If this is the basis for Speaker Pelosi’s argument against drilling, then she’s banking on a seriously suspect trick.

One trick that Speaker Pelosi has tried to convince the electorate to adopt is to open the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. That this would be an ultra-short term band-aid does not seem to bother the Speaker. It is a pander for votes on the Democrat side. It is not farsighted nor tactically sound. Yet she would have the American people buy into draining their on-tap reserve.

Here’s a feat of logic: couldn’t the oil fields offshore and in ANWR be considered “reserves”? And if so, wouldn’t they be potentially much larger than our static Strategic Reserves? Why should we not responsibly tap into our natural reserves, our natural resources? Wouldn't these reserves prove more reliable than some dream about powering the whole country with wind and solar power?

And that’s the heart of the fraud here. Speaker Pelosi would have the American people sit on their hands when it comes to expanding production of their land’s own natural resources. Better, according to the Speaker’s logic, to buy oil from afar and hope and pray for some miraculous discovery to save us from fossil fuels. Or rather, to save the planet; after all, Speaker Pelosi is “trying to save the planet”. Whichever it is, any new source of oil is not to be part of the immediate or long-term solution.

Her counterpart in the Senate, Mr. Reid, is cut from the same cloth. Both Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Reid refuse to allow debate on the issue of offshore drilling, let alone opening ANWR. Their savior at the moment is a self-constructed time constraint. Congress will go on hiatus today – a week early, if I’m not mistaken. By doing so, they hope to “punt your attention away” from the fact that this is a “do nothing” Congress. They can’t debate, they can’t appropriate funds, and they don’t serve the electorate. They can, however, serve themselves to another term at taxpayers’ expense – and on the part of Pelosi, Reid, and their “do nothing” ilk, that’s the real hoax.

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