08 August 2008

Random Thoughts on a Strange Friday

A little late in the day, but a few thoughts on what has turned out to be a rather odd day.

Former Senator John Edwards has fallen (somewhat) to the National Inquirer. I find it a little odd that the tabloid has done more to “uncover” Mr. Edwards’ dalliance than any other news outlet. And just how much more embarrassing for Mr. Edwards to have to answer charges from the same folks who give us headlines on space aliens and the living Elvis?

Russia and the republic of Georgia started slugging it out today over a break-away province. It seems that no one is quite sure what to call the Russian aerial raids and tank columns going into Georgia. Are they invaders, or (as the Russians put it) additional peace keepers, or something in between. One thing is probably true (as stated on tonight’s Special Report): if the fighting sticks to the immediate border area between the two countries, most of the world won’t notice. Why?

The Olympics began today. Funny how all of these things happen on the same day. Any chance that the previous two are tied to the Olympics? Only in this way: some of the parties involved hope that the Olympics will take all daylight, night-light, and highlights away from them and the happenings around them. Nothing like un-politicized sport to absorb people’s attention.

And lastly, why all the hubbub about the opening ceremony? While I realize that I may be in the extreme minority, it seems like a huge waste of time, money, and effort. The games are supposed to be about athletes and national honor – or at least that’s how I see it. Why all the pomp? Why not just have a parade of athletes and then start the games? But when there’s money to be made…

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