01 August 2008

Socialism: The Only Reason I Need

Despite all of Candidate Obama’s talk about supposed scare tactics which will at some point in the future, he assures us, will be used, none of them matters a bit to me. They probably don’t matter to many other people, either. I don’t care what his name is let alone what his middle name is. I don’t care what color he is; like many others, I’ve taken MLK’s “I have a dream” message to heart. I don’t even care that he’s a Democrat; I will vote for whom I feel is the best candidate for the job, no matter what party they claim.

What I do care about when it comes to Candidate Obama is the undeniable fact that he is a socialist. Without question, he would redistribute money in any way he sees fit. Congress may be a rubber stamp or may have a voice. But I have no doubt, based on Candidate Obama’s statements, that he would institute as many socialist programs as he could push through.

If there had previously been any doubt about Candidate Obama’s redistribution ambitions, today should end that debate. Channeling Hillary Clinton, Sen. Obama today announced that he wants to pay families $1000 and singles $500 to help deal with energy costs (politico.com). And just where would he get that money? American oil companies, who announced huge gross profits this week, would foot the bill. Sen. Obama would take profits from them and redistribute the monies to the electorate. And this redistribution would last for five years.

This move, if enacted, would amount to government control of corporate profits. It would send a signal to oil companies that, really, they ought not work so hard. They ought to limit their profits so that they do not become a target of the almighty federal government. Of course, any profit may be worth taking as long as it can be justified as “necessary” by…whomever happens to be in a decision making position in the federal government. It might be Congress, it might be the president. It might even be a “profit czar” – a corporate watchdog of sorts.

If all of this sounds too outlandish, it is not. It simply takes the right people in the right places at the right time to become a reality. (Or, from a different perspective, the wrong people, etc.)

Brushing all of the distractions aside, this is the real issue to me. The serious introduction of socialism in the US is a scary proposition for anyone who values their work, their property, and their prosperity. Anyone who wishes to preserve the right to keep what they earn should take Candidate Obama at his word: the government should take what it thinks is necessary and redistribute as it sees fit. Or not. It always seems that when a government takes and takes, it feels the need to serve less and less.

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