26 September 2008

Stop speaking in the name of the American People!

Originally posted at American Thinker.

A recent advertisement by the Al Gore backed we-can-solve-it-dot-organization closes with the claim that it has been “approved” by “the American people.” No, it hasn’t. Count me out. I demand it.

The reason is contained in the very text of the ad. It opens with a child playing with building blocks, and says, “The solution to our climate crisis seems simple; repower America with wind and solar.” (Emphasis mine) “Seems” is a great word for Mr. Gore’s message. It does seem quite simple to think that all we need to do is build more solar collectors and wind farms, and voila! Energy independence! That seems wonderfully simple. And the “we/me” simply has to demand it, and it will be so.

It echoes other ads by the Mr. Gore’s group. Want “green” jobs? Just demand them… from the government, no less. Want energy independence in ten years? Just demand it… from the government, again. Why not avoid the middle-man and demand an end to global warming from the deity? (There’s not much money to be made in that endeavor.)

But as I stated, the capper in the ad is the claim that it has been “approved” by “the American people.” Mr. Gore and his worker bees are attempting to co-opt 320 million Americans in their quest to demand what they cannot deliver themselves. He’s using $300 million to fund his efforts. Does that say something about what Mr. Gore might gain from the group’s demands? It seems simple to me. How about you?

Post Script - An excellent observation made earlier today by a friend: imagine walking into your doctor's office and demanding immortality...

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