13 September 2008

Threats, Acts, and Proportionality

The Australian reported on Thursday that a court in Britain has acquitted six Greenpeace members of vandalism of a coal-powered electric plant. The reason, of course: the “dangers of global warming” which are, after all, “enormous”.

Granted, the vandals only painted part of their “message” before being caught, but they did do damage to the tune of about $76,000. But the more important thing is that a jury decided that the defacers were justified in their actions in order to “rein in carbon emissions”. One wonders just how far a jury would be willing to go to justify actions purported to save the planet from the hobgoblin of global warming.

In a somewhat related story, the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts global cooling ahead. For decades. The cause: the sun, the ebb of sunspot activity. Who to believe, Al Gore or the Old Farmer’s Almanac. I’ll take the latter.

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