27 October 2008

Am I Better Off? Are We?

Just a quick thought, a suggestion, of something each of us should do before we go to vote on the first Tuesday in November. We should, each one of us, make a list or narrative about how good – or how bad – our lives are. In four years’ time, we’ll all be asked again if we are better off than we are right now. Therefore some objectivity is called for.

When I pen (or type) my commentary, I’m adding a column for “Should the government do anything about it?” The question "Are we better off" may well be more important when it comes to presidential politics than its close cousin with the first person singular pronoun.

And I think that, in the name of objectivity, this should be done before the 4th of November. Again, this is for the sake of some objectivity. Once the votes start rolling in, emotions may take over – causing glee or despair, depending on which way you lean. So write early, and unlike voting, you can write prolifically.

Side Note: Apologies for the long hiatus. Busy times require some things fall by the wayside. I’ll be back at it more regularly near the end of this week.

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