18 October 2008

Attacking the Man

“Joe the Plumber” has been a sensation since the debate this past Wednesday night. The sad thing is, it has wound up being for all of the wrong reasons. Joe asked a very interesting question – a question that the mainstream media has refused to ask over the last umpteen months. But instead of focusing on the question and Sen. Obama’s telling answer (something about wanting to “spread the wealth around”), the media decided to dig into Joe’s personal life. So much for questioning those in positions of power.

Some things that Joe has been harshly criticized for are that he isn’t a licensed plumber, that he doesn’t, in fact, earn over $250,000 a year, that he is a Republican (which precludes him from asking a question of a Democrat candidate), that he owes back taxes, and that somehow he is a plant of Sen. McCain. All of these are, to use a favorite term of Sen. Obama, distractions from the main point – Joe called Sen. Obama on his socialistic tax plans, and Sen. Obama admitted that they are, in fact, socialistic.

And while we’re here in the land of the subjunctive mood, if I were a 16 year-old high school student who plans to go to college, I might ask Sen. Obama how his plans to subsidize college for all would help me to achieve my educational goals. I might point out that subsidizing college tuition has not brought down, but rather inflated, tuition at virtually every institution. I might also point out that if everyone has a right to a college education, then supply and demand might certainly push tuition even higher. I might conclude by asking if the federal government would subsidize education which, realistically speaking, don’t lead anywhere meaningful (various “studies” majors) versus hard sciences and technology. Would the result of subsidizing such empty learning be something good for the nation?

Of if I were a 4 year-old, I might ask why the federal government deserves the green light to come into my home and “advise” my parents how they ought to be taking care of me, how they ought to be educating me. I might ask why the federal government sees the need to expand some early education plans when the effect of such plans are negated by the time I’ll be in the third grade. I might conclude by asking rather bluntly who is to raise a child in this country, the parents or the government.

Would I have my life dissected because I, in fact, am neither a 16 year-old high school student nor a highly articulate 4 year-old? Which is more important, my actual personal “condition” or the questions I ask?

Democrats, particularly Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden, are attacking the man because they cannot openly and honestly answer the questions he poses. When Sen. Obama did, he spoke his true feelings: that the wealthy owe the lower and lower-middle classes their wealth. The wealthy must pay more taxes as a “patriotic” gesture. They are aided by the mainstream media, who are in the tank for Sen. Obama and have the means to dissect anyone’s life with a fine scalpel.

They attack the man because they are socialists. And the most telling thing about their inner motives is that they’re attacking the “average guy”. They want power; the power to take and redistribute the wealth of the country as they see fit. If Joe is any indication of the Democrat Left’s feelings regarding power and the average guy, the average guy is in for a drubbing.

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