10 October 2008

A Book for Undecided Voters

The presidential election rolls toward its end, and there are still lots of people who are undecided. I must admit, I am not one of them. But I do understand why undecided voters in search of more information might shy away from reading books like The Case Against Barack Obama by Freddoso or The Obama Nation by Corsi. That they are specifically anti-Obama may put an undecided voter off. There may be apprehension on the part of the undecided voter that reading such a book might be equivalent to throwing support to Sen. Obama's rival, Sen. McCain. So for those who are not inclined to read these titles, let me suggest an alternative – one which does not contain Sen. Obama's name at all: The True Believer by Eric Hoffer (a paltry $10.36 at Amazon).

Published in 1951, The True Believer discusses the "nature of mass movements" – something that America seems to be suffering from at the moment. At a slim 168 pages, it's a quick read. And though it is filed under philosophy, there should be no fear that the language is too lofty or the arguments are too complicated for the average reader. Mr. Hoffer was no ivory tower academic, it appears. Mr. Hoffer is described on the book's back cover as a "self-educated" who "worked in restaurants, as a migrant field-worker, and as a gold prospector".

The reason I find this book so important is that it gets to the heart of the matter: that the true believer is essentially blind to the world around him and to those who lead him. But I go too far. I urge any undecided voter to read Mr. Hoffer's book. It may change your mind, or at the very least, it will ask some important questions about the leaders and followers on the Democrat side this time around the electoral merry-go-round.

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