09 October 2008

Obama, Fusion, and New Party Socialism

While there's little doubt that both political parties are leaning toward more invasive government, the recent revelation that Sen. Obama was at least considered part of or endorsed by the New Party - a socialist organization - shows just how far left the candidate is.

The New Party described itself, reportedly, as a "socialist democratic" party which aimed at gaining representation by having candidates run under two banners, presumably both Democrat and New Party. This idea is called "fusion". By way of double-billing allegiances, New Party members might theoretically pick up votes from backers of both parties, thus "fusing" party popularity.

Of course, it might also be argued that "fusion" is a way to hide a real socialist allegiance by a candidate. That must be why it was ruled as unconstitutional in 1997.

One online reporter found archived webapges that shed light on Sen. Obama's association with the New Party in the 90s; he was running uncontested for state senate at the time. The linked article's evidence is interesting to say the least. What is even more interesting is how difficult it is in this electronic age to pop things down the memory hole and forget about them. The archived webpages were certainly not gotten rid of to save bandwidth.

If the link betwee Sen. Obama's and the New Party turns out to be solid, then it may go a long way to turning support away from him. Surely he would not be able to say he didn't know what the New Party was all about or that he hadn't read about their past. Surely he wouldn't be able to say that he was just an aquaintence. Surely the media will check all of this out. As I've written before, I believe Sen. Obama is a socialist. This just firms up the case, in my opinion.

Then again, perhaps it is easy to pop some things down the memory hole. Only time will tell just how easy it is, or just how much people are willing to ignore in the face of intrusive socialism.

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