05 November 2008

Positives About Tuesday

My wife sometimes gets angry with me because I tend, at the end of the day, to try to find the bright spots in otherwise unhappy situations. While I’m in the minority here, I find yesterday’s presidential election results a very unhappy situation. I think that the lurch to the left will ultimately do great harm domestically and internationally.

That being said, here’s a short list of bright spots:

- First and foremost, now that the US has elected a man of African descent, we – all of us – should move beyond race. We should, as King suggested, judge all based on the content of their character, and we should do so without unnecessary gentleness or being “PC”, both of which cloud judgment and are the source of endless excuses.

- Democrats should have no one to blame for their own actions. President Bush (the younger) has been the all-purpose excuse. If Democrats invoke his name much after January 2009, they will look just silly. (This, of course, assumes that the public will think that Pres. Bush can’t possibly the scapegoat long after leaving office. Then again, when one considers the plot of Animal Farm…)

- Republicans have the opportunity to become conservative again. The “compassionate conservatism” that Pres. Bush sold the electorate twice ended up smelling much more like Liberal social policies than anything “compassionate”. Republicans, if they want to regain their social conservatism, need to get back to basics and shed nuance. The electorate may meet them half-way after 4 years of really Liberal government expansion.

- The potential that a soon-to-be President Obama will take more from everyone in taxes is high in my opinion, all of his claims of not increasing taxes for 95% of the public notwithstanding. Most people don’t like having more taken from them. Four years of that may change minds within the electorate greatly.

- No human can be the “messiah”. Sen. Obama will soon feel the awesome weight of the office he is about to assume. His slick pronunciations and sloganeering won’t wash outside of electoral politics. He will have to govern. He will not be able to vote “present”. Presidential decisions will not be “above his pay grade”. If he governs well, all the better for the nation. If he fails (as I feel he will), then we will hopefully only have to endure four years of his tenure.

Hope springs eternal – and I’m not talking about the glib kind sold on the campaign trail.

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