03 November 2008

Tuesday Thoughtcrimes and More

In anticipation of Election Day events – and at the risk of sounding quite cynical – I offer a short list of Orwellian thoughtcrimes which may well be “committed”.

Non-Verbalized Racism: Some may think that any vote for Sen. McCain or any third party candidate is a verification of latent racism.

Verbalized Racism: This may be accomplished by uttering any of the following with reference to Sen. Obama and/or his campaign – socialist, communist, elitist, articulate, etc. Verbalized racism may be compounded with non-verbalized racism and indicate irrefutable racist tendencies.

Selfish Anti-Patriotism: This may be brought about through critical examination, either through thought or word, of redistributive properties of candidate’s financial and economic plans. Those critical of redistributive policies are against the Nation (or the Party) and are thus unpatriotic and are coupled with non-verbalized racism. Wincing at redistributive policies is tantamount to verbalized selfish anti-patriotism and also constitutes non-verbalized racism.

Fear-Mongering: Thoughts or verbalized statements concerning “what if” certain candidates are elected constitute unwarranted, radical fear-mongering. Thoughts of this nature indicate non-verbalized racism. Statements of this kind indicate verbalized racism.

More thoughtcrimes and their active extensions may well come into being as time goes on. The first test of what our future will look like will depend on who wins on Election Day. The next will be how the losing side reacts.

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