28 May 2009

Hearty Thanks for a Great Blackhawk Hockey Season

In a break from my normal subject matter, I want to say thank you to the Chicago Blackhawk hockey organization for a memorable season. As one who has been a Blackhawks fan for as long as I can remember, it has been a long time coming. Since taking over the club, Mr. Rocky Wirtz has put the right people in the right positions in order to propel the team forward. Just as importantly, he put the team on television in the Chicagoland area, something anathema to the late Mr. Bill Wirtz. The effect, I understand, has been a resurgence of Blackhawks fans coming to the United Center. Playoff games this season were standing room only affairs and stuffed to the rafters.

And they came to see a team which is just as exciting as those of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, when names like Roenick, Graham, Larmer, Sutter, Smith, Savard, Secord, and Belfour. One day, names like Towes, Kane, Seabrook, Keith, Byfuglien, and Versteeg may join the group in Blackhawks lore. Some players, like Khabibulin, Ladd, Havlat, and Sharp may eventually be remembered more as Blackhawks than as members of their previous teams. And hard-nosed, hard-workers like Burish, Brouwer, Barker, and Bolland may well join the rolls of Blackhawks greats as they move forward with the club

And while I realize that I’m missing some names here, my goal is not to be all inclusive; rather, it is to show just how deep, how full of talent that the Blackhawk hockey club is. And that’s a refreshing thing to say. I hope that Mr. Wirtz and Mr. Tallon are able to keep the momentum going over the summer, through the draft, and into training camp.

So to the entire Blackhawks hockey organization, I give a heartfelt thank you. Die hard Blackhawks fans are eternally grateful for this fantastic season, and we hope for success to build on success next season. And next playoffs, I hope to grow my own playoff beard…and shave it off sometime in June.

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