01 June 2009

Barone Get It Right – Run Against Centralization

This morning on Real Clear Politics, Michael Barone makes a good case that should run future campaigns on the platform of limited government. This would mean running directly against President Obama and his avowed statism, against nanny-like “benefits” dispensed by government, and against government-corporate collusion. One wonders just how Republicans would posit this argument against the seemingly unstoppable wave of statism.

For starters, the Republicans should develop, as quickly as possible, alternative programs for just about every statist program that Mr. Obama puts forward. Republicans already have somewhat solid thoughts on health care. They should also put forward ideas on military preparedness, the balance between diplomacy and military force when dealing with adversaries, corporate bailouts, and financial regulation. Indeed, Republicans may have all of these, but getting them out into the public will take a great effort, as the media largely kowtows to any action or plan that Mr. Obama comes up with.

Republicans must frame their plans and arguments under the banner of individual liberty. Every plan put forward by the statist Mr. Obama essentially takes liberty away from individual citizens and places it somewhere else, either in the government or in government backed institutions (like labor unions). Republicans must consistently and coherently remind the public that individual liberty is what made the United States the great country that it is. And while it is not hoped for, it can be expected that the statist structure which Mr. Obama is putting into place will cause nearly irreparable damage to an already weakened economy. If and when that happens (actually, it’s only when), Republicans need a clear message and plan for re-instituting individual liberty as the backbone of our country.

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