14 August 2009

Chatting with the White House

On 10 August 2009, I received an email from info@messages.whitehouse.gov with the subject line, "It's time for a reality check." It concerned the health insurance/care legislation germinating in Congress. It was "signed" by David Axelrod. Why did I receive this email? Because a long time ago, I submitted a question for President Obama via the White House website. I guess I snitched on myself; I'm on the list.

Since I was already on the list, I figured that I might as well take the email's invitation to reply to the White House. Note: I say the email's invitation because I don't suppose for a moment that my email will earn any sentient being's attention. This is, supposedly, an open and honest debate about health care - as long as one side talks (dictates) and one side listens (capitulates). Here is my (not as eloquent as a teleprompted time-sucker) reply:

With regard to the recent Axelrod email, please note that the main concern folks have is one of choice. Regardless of whatever spin various political parties choose to put on the matter, more government control over health insurance will result in LESS choice for all Americans. The far end of the spectrum would be single-payer, but this is not a binary, all-or-nothing matter. Single-payer or its euphemism, "Public Option", is the far end of less/no choice in health insurance.

What is needed is more choice. Currently, it makes little to no sense economically for a family to attempt to buy health insurance if an employer provides it. If I could and if it made some economic sense to do to, I would be thrilled to shop around and buy my own health insurance. Indeed, I could shop around for just the benefits I wanted; I would not have the government or my employer telling me what options I have.

It's simple: Liberty is a concept which this country was founded on; Equality was not. Liberty includes the freedom to fail, to fall over, to make mistakes. Liberty is necessary for freedom to truly exist. Please do not needlessly limit the Liberty of Americans by mandating fewer choices when it comes to health insurance.

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