04 April 2010

Easter and the Necessity of the Divine

It seems to me that a human being needs some thing greater than himself; there is a necessity for hierarchy. Human beings must have some thing above them, guiding them, in order to not be subject to dawdling apathy. When a human being rejects God – that which is wholly different in kind and greater than man – he must replace the divine with some thing. The rejection of God demands a replacement.

At best, this replacement could be something relatively superior – not benevolent – which is beyond man’s ability to fully comprehend and which cannot be bargained with. (Though clearly what would be missing is any positive component; chance or fate or nature might be one’s guide, but none of them compels one to act with kindness or demands gratitude.) Worse, the replacement could be another man, an elevation of one above the rest, making him viewed as somehow different in kind than other human beings. Still worse, the self could replace the divine – a wicked bit of Orwellian doublethink wherein the self is greater than and different in kind to the self. Nothing appears to me more hellish than a multitude of humanity, each of which is a monotheist worshipping himself; a heard of finite, little gods.

I am thankful for the life, the opportunities, and the limitations which God has given me. I am thankful for his forgiveness, which is celebrated on this day. And I am thankful that I am not more than what he made me; that I may practice – fail and succeed – and attempt to live well while under God’s watch.


Melissa said...

I looked for a "like" button on this post but I couldn't find one. :) Good article.

Jo Ann said...

Lovely, lovely. Contrary to our dedication to the scientific method is our necessary acceptance that we can't know or understand all. Thank you for some beautiful thoughts on the celebration of that reality.
Jo Ann